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Kim presents the history of the Therapeutic Pocketbook and explains how to most effectively use it in practice. During this informative session you will gain an understanding of how this essential tool can increase your success with patients.





To purchase this book for your MacRepertory program, go to our PURCHASE PAGE, and search for Boenninghausen's Therapeutic Pocketbook 2nd Ed. (TBR2) by George Dimitriadis in the list of Repertories to add to your MacRepertory, or contact YOUR LOCAL DEALER The (hardcover) books mentioned in the lecture can be purchased via the WHOLE HEALTH NOW Website

Synergy Homeopathic (formerly Kent Homeopathy Associates ) in collaboration with The Other Song -International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy presents:

Registration open !!!

What's in it for you?

- 60+ lecture series based on WWR 1 and other lectures by Dr. Rajan Sankaran himself
- 21 months of online learning and training program, Online discussion forum
- Full access to Mentor based learning and training opportunities
- Test series and personal evaluation, personalized Mentor for each participant
- Discount offers on HMP books, MacRepertory & ReferenceWorks and Vital quest Homoeopathic software

For more information:

Click here to view Dr. Rajan Sankarans message explaining about Essential Homeopathy Online Course
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The Macintosh Version of this Repertory is available !

Please visit this page to know more, or contact your local dealer. We will be announcing the availability of this version via our electronic newsletter.

You can read Jeremy Sherr's introduction to the book if you click HERE


q rep

We are happy to introduce the Q-Rep,
the amazing Repertory of Mental Qualities,
by Jeremy Sherr and Raphael Neu.

Once you use the Q-Rep, you won’t know how you managed without it.
Simplifies repertorization: easy to choose rubrics, no need to combine
rubrics or do MM Searches - everything is there!
Use small remedies and new provings with unprecedented accuracy
and reliability.
Can be used in combination with conventional MacRepertory rubrics.
Q-Rep makes it simple to choose rubrics that fit your case without
missing potential remedies. For each rubric we have combed all the
repertories, materia medicas and the very latest provings and cases.
Each entry is checked back to the original source.
The Q-Rep Contains inclusive rubrics that are required in daily practice
but are difficult to find elsewhere. Here are a few examples: Big ego,
Control, Carers and helpers, Divided, Failure, Guilt, Home, Insects, Low
self-esteem, Money, Music, Obsessive compulsive, Opinion of others,
Perfectionist, Snakes, Type-A, Victim and Water.

Revised existing rubrics, and some new Rubrics like Big Ego and Insects.

Check it out for yourself...

To Order:



5th February 2014.

100 hours to mastery

Every Wednesday one lecture of approximately 2 hours will be released for 52 weeks.

For more information about the course, please follow this link for the website or download the Courses' Brochure
Any enquiries should be directed to the Course organiser .


Phatak's Concise Repertory of Homeopathic Medicines

Phatak's Concise Repertory is a treasured text and a great choice for a novice as well as the experienced clinician. It is inspired by Boger's technique of deriving generals from particulars and uniting them under one rubric.
Also included are Phatak's own clinical additions and observations.
With it's simple, clear formatting, this repertory's rubrics and sub-rubrics are arranged in alphabetical order making it easy to browse.
Remedies are strongly verified by Kent, Boger, Clarke etc.
This repertory also includes unique pathology rubrics and additional rubrics related to Indian food and drug abuse.

Only $49 / E36 / £30
To order your copy now


Updating your OS to Mavericks will not disturb your work on MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks on Parallels 8.

If you are working on a new Macintosh with the help of Parallels and Snow Leopard Server , you can update your OS to OS 10.9.

Parallels, Snow Leopard and MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks will work on as good as before.

Upgrading Parallels to Parallels 9 is also fine. ( 26th Cotober 2013 )


The Complete Repertory 2013 is here!!!


In its latest 2013 edition you can find the following New Features:
- Structure us similar to Complete 2012 Repertory
-120,633 additions Pre-1931
- 25,043 additions Post 1930
- Boenninghausen's aditions from phthisis and scorofulosis moved to tuberculosis rubrics
- English text improved using original German text

Repertory Grade Comparison from Kent's

to Complete Repertory 2013

MacRepertory - Kent Homeopathic Associates

North American customers upgrade to The Complete Repertory 2013 TODAY!

All others contact your local dealer to order your upgrade installer.

New Books For MacRepertory

Complete 2013

Complete in French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian


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