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New - The Boenninghausen Repertory
Therapeutic Pocket Book Method.

New- Essential Homeopathy

2nd Batch


NEW- Training Movies by Kim Elia

& Power point tutorial by Alpesh Oza.


NEW- Jeremy Sherr-
The Repertory of Mental Qualities


Hear Roger Morrison comment on both MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks
3.05 MG .mov


Kent Homeopathic These programs have been invaluable to my work. I find them comprehensive, easy to use, and oh so elegant.Kent Homeopathic ~ Rajan Sankaran, India

Massimo Mangialavori

Kent Homeopathic The absolute beginner and the most skilled homeopath can use MacRepertory to great advantage in prescribing, studying and teaching. I have used other programs but my success was not nearly as impressive. I strongly encourage all of my students to buy them.Kent Homeopathic
~ Massimo Mangialavori, Italy

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intel Mac Versions

Existing PC customers wishing to transfer license to the Mac platform can contact their local dealer for prices & Information

To order, contact your local dealer
USA: (1) 415-895-5777 or email
Europe: email
Middle East: (972)-3-5164165 or email

* German versions of MacRepertory 8.5 and German versions of ReferenceWorks 4.5 are released.Please contact your local dealer for details


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Since 1986, Kent Homeopathic Associates has been at the leading edge of homeopathic theory and technology. Our revolutionary software programs, MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks, have transformed the way homeopathy is practiced around the world. Nearly all of the world's great teachers prefer our software, and many of them serve on our design team.

MacRepertory is our repertorization tool. It makes it easy to quickly select rubrics and analyze a case, check the materia medica and to feel confident about your prescription.

ReferenceWorks is a rich analysis system based on a huge library of more than 800 volumes of materia medica, provings, journals and more.



The Complete Repertory 2013 for MacRep 8!

In its latest 2013 edition you can find the following New Features:
- Structure us similar to Complete 2012 Repertory
-120,633 additions Pre-1931
- 25,043 additions Post 1930
- Boenninghausen's aditions from phthisis and scorofulosis moved to tuberculosis rubrics
- English text improved using original German text

UPGRADE TO The Complete Repertory 2013 TODAY!

*Please note that customers MUST use the updated versions of MR8. These are automatic downloads if you check for updates while connected to the web. If you do not have web access you will need to order the installers in order to upgrade to CR2013
Contact your local dealer to order


Homeonet is Here Again!

Annoucing Homeonet! The KHA Homeopathic World Talking. Learn new tips and tricks to using your MacRepertory & ReferenceWorks programs! Help others with their programs, share your thoughts and more! click here to sign up!

Window 8 Compatible

MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks are Windows 8 compatible. Contact the office to obtain the latest installer.

NEW German Website!

Visit the new German side of the KHA website. Click here to read about all of the latest KHA program information, seminars & updates.

New Books For MacRepertory

van Zandvoort's Complete Repertory 2013
Sherr's Q-Rep Repertory
Phatak's Concise Repertory

New Books for ReferenceWorks

Kulkarni's Select Materia Medica
Morrison's Carbons
Scholten's Lanthanides
Scholtens Thematic Repertory
Scholten's Wadstories 1 & 2


New Free Downloads Available

Check out our Download Pages to see what we have for you to tune up your MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks programs. [mac] [win]

We've recently added many new items, such as updated versions of Vermeulen's Prisma, Scholten's Minerals and Elements, a bunch of training movies (Concepts, Elimination, Family Graphs, Family Search, Keynotes, MacRepertory, Remedy Graphs, Repertory, Rubrics Clipboards), etc. Expect to see more free updates, freebies and fixes in the coming months - we're working hard to help you keep you and your programs up to date, solid and accurate!

New Free Downloads Available
Free Downloads

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